Welcoming the New Lieutenant Governor

Members of the Lower Fourth and the Buchan enjoyed celebrating as the 31st Lieutenant Governor was sworn-in. The group even got the chance to congratulate Sir John Lorimer themselves. Alexander Owenson shared his experience of the day.

“My experience of seeing the Lieutenant Governor at his inauguration was a very exciting and memorable experience. This was held in Castletown square. We got to see the Lieutenant Governor before and after he was sworn in. We sang the National Anthem and God Save the Queen which was played by a very good band. We waved our Isle of Man flags and there were many important people in attendance including the Bishop and the Chief Minister. We were even lucky enough to speak to Sir John and he was wearing many medals, including the George Cross which is a medal for bravery. We had a very enjoyable time.”

What a fantastic experience for the group to experience such an important event and join in with the festivities.

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