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At The Buchan Nursery, we believe that care, education and happiness are equally important in the experience we offer our children. Our daily routines and activities are provided in ways that help each child to feel safe, secure and a valued member of the Nursery. Our children will gain from the social experience of being part of a group and be provided with opportunities to learn, which will help them to value learning.


“The Buchan Nursery is a welcoming, nurturing and stimulating environment; where little children are given the best possible start in their educational journey. Within days of our son’s arrival, you could see the magic start to happen. Their confidence grows, their vocabulary increases, and the joy spreads across their faces as they look forward to pre-school each day. The curriculum allows our son to enjoy new fun experiences, such as drama, dance, swimming and music. The Buchan Rangers programme is fantastic and he has made firm friends within his Sunflowers team! Communication within ‘Tapestry’ is regular and informative. We made the best choice!”


We organise our sessions so that the children can choose from a range of extracurricular activities and, in doing so, build up their ability to select and work through a task to its completion.

We have over 13 acres of grounds, so that children can enjoy outdoor activities. They will also have opportunities to try growing flowers and vegetables; enjoy digging and exploring in the garden environment, as well as experiencing the joys of Buchan Rangers in the woods.


The Buchan Nursery children eat a healthy and homemade lunch in The Buchan School dining hall at a time dedicated to Nursery and Pre-Prep 1 (Reception). There are a variety of hot and cold options to choose from. We cater for all dietary requirement, allergies and intolerances.


We do not require children to be potty trained before starting at The Buchan Nursery. We do have a supply of nappies in the Nursery, but we encourage you to keep a supply of your preferred brand in your child’s bag. We will inform you when the supply is running low.


We have a dedicated sleep room at The Buchan Nursery. Children who still have a nap in their daily routine will have the opportunity to rest after lunch in our cosy sleep room.

Each child has their own sleep mat and bedding. These are kept in a named container and are washed onsite regularly. If your child sleeps with a comforter, please speak to us at your settling in session and bring this in their gym bag for use when they sleep.


We are always busy at The Buchan Nursery. The children are able to participate in our wide range of extracurricular activities within the Nursery day, including:

BALLET – Miss Laura, from The Isle of Man Academy of Dance, provides your little one with the opportunity to build on skills including flexibility, coordination, balance, physical and emotional development through fun and exciting creative movement.

BUCHAN RANGERS – Our large wooded area is perfect for outdoor adventures where children are able to use their imagination, develop vital physical skills and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Learning whilst playing in the outdoors is key to the curriculum at The Buchan Nursery.

DRAMA – Fun and lively interactive story-telling with Mr Duncan, The Buchan School’s Head of Drama, nurturing confidence and a love of stories. Our Drama lessons offer the children valuable lessons about friendship, courage and making right and good choices.

FRENCH – Madame Willis, the Language teacher from The Buchan School, provides a weekly session to the children introducing them to French through games, songs and fun activities.

MUSIC – The children learn at a very gentle rate a variety of instruments and musical adventures through exciting lessons with Mrs Garrett, The Buchan School’s specialist music teacher.

READY STEADY DANCE – Dance warm-up, fitness exercises, stretching and learning a fun dance routine helps to build on concentration, co-ordination and confidence.

SPORT – We take the older children over to The Buchan School Sport Hall for weekly lessons. This helps to improve their strength and endurance and create healthy bodies with healthy minds.


“The Buchan Nursery staff have been so helpful and caring with my son’s transition into Nursery. I feel at ease when I leave him and love the stories of him getting on with things and making friends. They have also been stellar dealing with his food allergies and very confident having his epi pen.  The kids get plenty of exposure to the great outdoors and there are a variety of activities, including Art and Music, and my son has even had a go at ballet! The daily feedback I receive, pictures and videos on Tapestry, of what my son been up to, as well as reports about his development, really keep me informed and feeling confident.  It’s a wonderful place for kids to grow and thrive.” 

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