College Life


King William’s College provides excellent teaching and friendly boarding in a beautiful and safe environment. All pupils develop a love of learning and fulfil their academic potential, becoming confident, articulate and responsible young people, who will serve with creativity, insight and tolerance in the international communities in which they find themselves as adults.


Our goal is to nurture in our students a broad range of attributes: natural curiosity, knowledge, critical thinking skills, the ability to express themselves confidently and creatively, integrity, honesty and open-mindedness.

We have a strong pastoral support network running throughout the School. Each student is assigned to a tutor group and the tutor is the first port of call for any academic or pastoral issues; they also provide the crucial link between home and school.

Every student is also a member of a House; Colbourne House for the boarders and Dickson and Walters Houses for the day students. The Houses are supported by a Housemaster or Housemistress and a team of House Tutors.

Each House has a very strong sense of House spirit, which is fostered through regular House assemblies and hotly contested competitions in activities ranging from House Drama, Music and Sport to House chess and debating.

Houses also compete academically for the Kelly Trophy, which is awarded on Founders’ Day.

The House system promotes values of fair play, teamwork, citizenship, mutual responsibility, self-discipline, initiative, perseverance and resilience across all year groups.

There are many different qualities and strengths to be found in our students. These traits echo the IB ethos which strongly influences education and learning throughout the School.

When our students leave King William’s College with their International Baccalaureate Diploma, they are flourishing, well-balanced young men and women, ready to make a positive impact on society.




Model kindness – Lead by example and show everyone else what being kind looks like.

Encourage kindness – Have an expectation that others will be kind – carry out acts of kindness.

Notice kindness – Recognise and praise others when you notice them being kind.

Stand up for others – Give support to others and let them know they are not alone. Be kind to yourself – do not expect perfection. Challenge yourself while looking after your wellbeing.


Mind your Head! – Connect with the people around you.

Be active – Go for a walk or run, cycle, play a game, garden or dance.

Take notice – Be observant, look for something beautiful or remark on something unusual.

Keep learning – Give what you can: time, patience, and understanding.

Be kind.


Set yourself goals – Everyone has their own goals. What can you do to challenge yourself?

Be Realistic – Consider having four realistic goals at a time: academic, mental, social and physical.

Be Resilient – What do you do when you face a challenge? What do you do when things do not go to plan?

Be Determined – If at first you do not succeed, try, try again.

Food and Health

King William’s College students eat healthy and homemade meals in The Barrovian Hall each day. There are a variety of hot and cold options to choose from. The catering team also put on special themed evenings throughout the year. We cater for all dietary requirements, allergies and intolerances.




King William’s College and The Buchan School run two coach services to and from Castletown each day, one down the east coast, starting at Laxey which runs through Douglas, and the other down the west coast, starting at Ramsey which runs through Kirk Michael and Foxdale.

In addition to the coach service, we also provide a mini bus service, which runs from Peel through Glen Vine via the College to The Buchan School.

For Buchan students only, we also provide two dedicated daily mini bus services which run from Onchan and Cycle 360 to The Buchan School.

Mini buses will only stop at the designated points on the schedule.

Partial use can be accommodated and will be charged pro rata. Once a quota is booked, then that will be retained for a term or until we are advised otherwise. The service runs during term time from Monday to Friday, excluding TT fortnight.



Our own beautifully decorated Chapel is the spiritual heart of the School. The place where it is possible to find a space in the midst of busy day-to-day school life, to bring our hopes, joys, fears and sorrows, and reflect. Chapel assemblies take place twice a week and a full service on a Friday afternoon.

For the whole School, significant dates and seasons are marked by services in St Thomas’ Chapel, including a welcome for new pupils early in the academic year, honouring the fallen at the war memorial and with the reading of the role of honour, carol services for the school and wider community and an Ascension Service for The Buchan School.

There is a wealth of contributors to Chapel during the year – readers, intercessors, choristers and preachers, each bringing their unique qualities and gifts to join those of our Christian forebears in this place. Chapel is often at the core of people’s memories of the School, their final farewells include a commission to go into the world in peace as they leave, and it remains a place of significance within their memories.

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