Welcome to King William’s College.

We have a proud history going back nearly 200 years, but what we value above-all is being a strong, friendly community. The College has always been relatively small – rarely more than 400 pupils – and that means everybody knows everybody and each student gets the encouragement and support he or she needs to succeed. As such our academic results are consistently strong and our students go to top universities in the UK, Europe and the US.

The school is also distinctive in that it is one of the few schools where every student in the Sixth Form studies for the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The IB philosophy – particularly its emphasis on skills and its focus on internationalism – is central to our approach and we are one of the largest and most experienced IB schools in the British Isles. Most of our pupils live locally on the Isle of Man but we also have a thriving boarding community and students travel from all over the world to study the IB in such a beautiful and safe environment.

An Island education for a global future.



Mr Joss Buchanan,



+44(0)1624 820428

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