KWC Climate Change Committee

King William’s College students and staff have taken a huge step towards a better, more environmentally friendly lifestyle. They understand that even the smallest actions can have the greatest impact in raising awareness of our carbon footprint. Which is why the school have taken it upon themselves to form an effective, student-based Climate Change Committee. The Committee is directed by some of the school’s most climate orientated individuals who have the sole ambition of making a difference and helping meet the Isle of Man’s UNESCO Biosphere pledge to develop in a sustainable way and to make a positive environmental impact.

The Committee have plans to re-wild some of the rough grassland, distribute a variety of native wildflowers throughout the school and plant hedges in the more sheltered areas providing a stable habitat and food source for local wildlife. King William’s College already sources the majority of its foodstuffs from local producers, supporting local farmers and growers. The Committee is going to be working with the catering team to expand the list of vegetarian options served in order to make the ‘veggie’ option a normality rather than an exception. The Committee aim to raise food waste awareness among both the staff and students by campaigning on the moderation of portion size to reduce the amount of daily food waste.

Possibly the Committee’s most aspirational challenge is to investigate the future installation of electric vehicle charging points to encourage students, staff and parents in the switch to electric cars and reduce fossil fuel driven vehicle use on the island.  They also plan to work with the school’s Design, Technology and Textiles department to introduce a new fast fashion recycling scheme with the hope of encouraging students to donate old or unwanted clothes which can then be recycled into new garments by the DT and Textiles team, making recycling effective, fun and inclusive.

King William’s College Climate Change Committee have also made it their priority to have a digital presence, designing and administering a social media platform through King William’s College to raise the awareness of Climate Change and connect the Isle of Man’s young people with other young people around the globe to discuss Climate Change and develop a greater global perspective of its impact and solutions.

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