King William’s College House Drama Festival 2022

Thursday 8th December saw the House Drama Festival in King’s Court Theatre.

The annual event saw a packed theatre watch three impressive plays by the houses Dickson, Walters and Colbourne. Congratulations to all the students who put on a magical spectacle!

Dickson presented a play entitled ‘The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon’ which was a highly entertaining and a fast re-telling of classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

Next we saw Walters perform ‘Walters’ Time’, a mind bending and comical story of wizardry and magic.

Finally, Colbourne performed ‘Murder in Time’, a time travelling ‘whodunit’ with famous historical figures and comedy.

We were delighted to welcome back former student, actor and writer, Evie Killip, who had the difficult task of adjudicating the Festival. All three plays were very impressive with terrific acting, writing and performances from all students and with 6 cups on offer, the competition was fierce.

The results are as follows:

Kane Cup for Best Individual Acting Performance – Samuel (Dickson)
Freda Jeavons Cup for Best Acting Performance – Celize (Dickson)
Dorothy Lowey Cup for “Wow” factor – Rory (Walters)
Bowring Cup for Best Supporting Role – Alicia (Dickson)
Bowring Plate for Technical Excellence – Colbourne
Tatton Shield for Best Play – Walters

Congratulations to all and many thanks to the audience for your generous donations which raised £142.10 for Isle of Man Foodbank.

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