House Music 2023

Wednesday the 8th February 2023 saw the much anticipated House Music competition in King’s Court Theatre. Dickson, Colebourne and Walters showed their amazing talents with various performances.

Dickson – Jessie & Ned Comperes

Alyth  – Harp Intermediate Instrumental Solo
Rebecca – Intermediate Vocal Solo
Amy  – Piano Senior Instrumental Solo
Emily  – Senior Vocal Solo
Choir – Jess, Amy, Mikhaella, Emily, Rebecca, Eve, Celize, Artie, Theo, Ned
Ensemble – Jess, Rebecca, Emily, Amy, Mikhaella, Alyth

Colbourne – Tommy, Sophie, Filip – Comperes

Marlena – Piano Intermediate Instrumental Solo
Clare – Intermediate Vocal Solo
Rita – Saxophone Senior Instrumental Solo
Farrel – Senior Vocal Solo
Ensemble – Farrel, Kira, Sara, Zlata, Emily, Irina
Choir – Farrell, Sophieg, Johanna, Elizaveta, Emilie, Filip, Annika, Charlotte, Vivianne, Irina, Mia, Leon, Jan-Timo, Chaplin, Filip & Tommy

Walters – Isabelle & Robbie Comperes

Dom – Intermediate Vocal Solo
Isabelle – Senior Vocal Solo
Finlay – Trumpet Intermediate Instrumental Solo
Arwen – Clarinet Senior Instrumental Solo
Ensemble – Henry, Sebastian, Sol, Robbie
Choir – Isabelle, Arwen, Aristea, Louise, Sebastian, Alexander

After fierce competition and outstanding performances, the following results were announced:

Intermediate Vocal Solo – Rebecca, Dickson
Senior Vocal Solo – Isabelle, Walters
Intermediate Instrumental Solo – Marlena, Colbourne
Senior Instrumental Solo – Amy, Dickson
Ensemble – Colbourne
Choir –Walters
Conductor – Farrell, Colbourne
Overall winners – COLBOURNE

Congratulations to all the winners and most of all, for all of our talented students for taking part, it was a great evening of entertainment!

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