Anna selected for Space School

Congratulations to Anna Cregeen (L6) who has been selected by ManSat to take part in The Foundation for International Space Education’s (FISE) Space School. 

The two week programme brings together students from around the world who, under the mentorship of engineers, scientists, and leaders in the aerospace industry, come together to design their own Mission to Mars.

In normal years, the event would be held at NASA’s Space Centre in Houston, however due to the pandemic, this year it is being held online.

Anna explained more about the selection process, and what she is looking forward to about the experience:

“I am one of three people that ManSat has offered scholarships to in the Isle of Man. For the selection process I had to write two paragraphs, explaining my interest in space and why I wanted to be a part of Space School. I wrote about how space has always fascinated me and how more recently it has combined with my interests in biology – I may have even referred to one of my favourite books, The Martian.

In preparation for Space School we have been given homework to provide us with essential background knowledge. This covers a whole range of areas from asteroids, to travelling through space, habitats and even space law. Although it is being held online, I won’t miss out on the social interactions that come with this experience. As part of Space School I will be working with people from all over the world, and we even get to talk to astronauts! Needless to say, I am greatly excited to have this opportunity, and even though I am missing out on a trip to NASA, I am hoping to take a lot away from this experience.”

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